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corona virus

Covid-19 lock down services that can help you

Services active during the Covid-19 lock down The Covid-19 lock down in South Africa has a direct impact on our financial system. The slow down in business increases the risk for credit default. This is a very high risk period for our lending partners. We received communication last week with changes to our lending partner’s...

money shaped as cars

How our personal loan application process works

In this blog we will break down our personal loan application procedure so that you know what to expect when you need access to fund in a hurry. Most people need financial help at some point in their life. Whether it is to fix your motor vehicle or pay tertiary education enrollment fees, a personal...

clamp compressing debt

Debt consolidation loans fully explained

A debt consolidation loan is an unsecured loan that is used to settle a number of smaller debts into one loan. It’s considered a smart way to save on interest and monthly service fees. Instead of many payments you will only have one single payment to look after every month. Many clients contact us for...

money stack

Fast track your loan approval with these 8 steps

You want to be able to fast track your loan approval to access cash for life changing opportunities. A fast loan approval is every one’s dream but very few people’s reality. Let us explain why. Many people do not understand how maintaining good credit works. They are not aware of the responsibility that comes with...

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