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How our registration process helps our clients

You landed on our website looking for a form to apply for a service, but it’s not visible to visitors. This is not the norm for an intermediary website and you may have questions about why we are different? What is the registration all about?  Since the beginning of Premier Finance, our followers made requests...

biz tips

Business Tips – June 2020

Business Tips brings you the monthly review of the market, economy and business Sometimes I need to get a better picture of the market and our economy, so I take a step back. It helps me to make better business decisions. Focusing on key factors  illuminate the important details, like a night lamp on a...

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How to grow your business with a working capital loan

How do you grow your business with a working capital loan in 2021? Back in 2014 I had attended a wealth seminar in search for new ideas and opportunities. There were a few speakers, including international guests pitching their brand or business. The place was buzzing with entrepreneurs and business owners. We all were to...

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Prudence is power for South African businesses owners

Rolling down a hill without brakes is an image in many minds when thinking of the current financial state of South Africa. So how do we navigate our businesses through what seems like an inevitable crash? Prudence is power for South African business owners and action on tough decisions await as things unravel. Let’s take...


The business funding guide for business owners

Welcome to the business owners guide to successful funding. “Dear client, we regret to inform you that your funding application has been declined” – a message that many business owners received last year. We helped many businesses realize their funding applications in the millions during 2019 and we had a great time helping those clients....

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