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It is an inevitable reality that we will die one day and what we leave behind will be the lasting memory for our loved ones.

Unfortunately, only 10% of South Africans are fully prepared for winding up their estate after their passing.

Even if you already have a will in place- have you prepared for the actual costs it will cost your beneficiaries to wind up your estate?

How the will drafting service works

We would like to offer you the opportunity to meet with a will specialist to help you with smart estate planning.

Meeting details (please read)

1. The expert will explain all the aspects of estate planning and what you need to have in place to leave a legacy for your loved ones.

2. You will be able to get immediate answers to questions you don’t understand and get a clear picture of the process. 

3. You will be given a rand and cent calculation of all the costs that you can expect for winding up your estate. This is calculated based on your estate and is unique to your circumstances.

4. You will learn about pitfalls where life cover falls short in making immediate provision for income for your beneficiaries and how you can fix it.

5. You will be offered a legacy protection plan to exempt costs at death and make provision for an immediate cash payout for your beneficiaries.

Our partners identified 5 Common Pitfalls at Death and through their Legacy Protection Plan they have a solution to cater for every need:

#1  Complimentary Will with unlimited amendments AND safe custody at no cost by a professional who specialises in the drafting of Wills

#2  Indemnity Benefit covers estate legal fees (Execut2867b2ors Fees; Conveyance Fees on Fixed Property; Testamentary Trustee Fees)

#3  Immediate Liquidity Benefit and Ongoing Overhead Expense Benefit

#4  Initial Overhead Expense Benefit

#5  Estate Gap Cover Benefit

If you have minor children and/or own a property, it’s important that you update your will regularly. Your will should reflect changes in your circumstances to protect your legacy?

Can we arrange an appointment with a will specialist in your area to come meet with you?

Please note that during lockdown level 4 no face to face appointments will be booked. You will be able to choose between a zoom or a telephonic appointment. You will also receive an additional Will signing benefit if you take the estate overheads protector to be discussed with you.

To accept, simply complete our short form and we will contact you.

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