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There’s one reality that we must face up to,

And that is that eventually one day we will die.

You can’t control that, but you can plan for what happens to your estate and for those you leave behind.

Normally your estate passes on to your loved ones but there’s a catch: a whole bunch of other people get a chunk of it first.

Some of it goes to tax and some of it goes to fees for the executor, the conveyancers and for the Trustees.

The bigger your estate, the more you must pay out leaving your loved ones with a lot less than you or they planned.

We would like to show you a whole new way of managing your estate.

Through our network we offer a complete solution that ensures your family get’s exactly what they expect.

You can also take the worry out about drafting and lodging a Will. We will connect you with one of the professional testamentary consultants that will do that for you at no cost. You will also receive a calculation of what the legal fees are likely to be so you don’t have to be left in the dark about what wrapping up your estate will cost.

To find out more we recommend you sign up to join our estate planning online community. By joining you will unlock information about estate planning and our solution to manage your estate.

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