How Does Debt Review Removal Work?

How Does Debt Review Removal Work?

Debt Review Removal, offered by the Premier Finance Hub, provides a comprehensive service to help you cancel debt review and remove associated court orders.

Here’s a detailed guide on how our process works:

1. Initial Assessment

The first step towards debt review removal is an initial assessment. You need to provide us with your personal details and ID number. This information is crucial for us to check your current debt review status and determine the appropriate next steps.

2. Debt Review Removal Status Check

Based on the initial assessment, we will identify whether a court order is associated with your debt review:

No Court Order: If no court order is in place, you are eligible to proceed with the application for removal immediately.

Court Order Present: If there is a court order, you will need to complete the debt review process and obtain a clearance certificate. This certificate is proof that all your debts have been settled and that you are no longer under debt review. Unfortunately, there is no other way to remove a debt review court order once it is in place. Only a debt review clearance certificate can suffice this requirement.

3. Application for Debt Review Removal

For clients who do not have a court order:

Consultation: Our partner’s legal team will contact you to explain the process for debt review removal. This involves several steps, including legal procedures.

Appointing an Attorney: Since debt review removal is a legal process, you will need to appoint an attorney for the process. A network attorney, who specializes in debt review removal, will be assigned to your case.

Court Proceedings: The attorney will file an application in court to have your debt review status removed. This application must demonstrate that you are no longer overindebted and capable of managing your financial obligations independently.

4. Legal Process and Court Proceedings

Removing a debt review status is a legal process that involves several key steps:

Gathering Evidence: Your financial situation will be thoroughly reviewed, and evidence will be gathered to prove that you are no longer overindebted.

Court Application: The attorney will prepare and submit an application to the court. This document will outline your improved financial status and request the removal of the debt review status.

Court Hearing: A court hearing will be scheduled where the attorney will present your case. The court will review the evidence and, if satisfied, will issue an order to remove the debt review status.

5. Fees and Payment Plans

As this is a legal process, there are fees associated with appointing an attorney and filing the necessary court documents. Our team will discuss these fees with you transparently:

Fee Structure: You will receive a detailed breakdown of the costs involved in the debt review removal process.

Payment Plans: To make the process more affordable, our partner offers flexible payment plans. These plans are designed to spread the cost over a manageable period, ensuring that you can proceed without financial strain.

6. Rebuilding Your Financial Profile

Once the court order is removed, you can begin the process of rebuilding your credit profile. Our team will provide you with guidance and tips on how to manage your finances effectively post-debt review.


Premier Finance is dedicated to helping you achieve financial freedom by navigating the debt review removal process with expertise and care. From the initial assessment to the final court hearing, our network provides comprehensive support to ensure a smooth and successful outcome.

Contact us today to start your journey towards removing your debt review status and reclaiming your financial independence. Our team of experts is ready to assist you every step of the way.

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