Business Finance Consultant: Expert Partnerships vs. Direct Applications

Business Finance Consultant

Partnering with a business finance consultant can be a strategic move for companies seeking financial support. These professionals offer valuable expertise and industry insights that can streamline the funding process and maximize opportunities for securing funds. By collaborating with a finance consultant, businesses can save time, gain access to a wider network of financiers, and receive personalized guidance tailored to their specific needs. In this article, we’ll explore the numerous benefits of working with a business finance consultant and how it can contribute to the overall success of a business.

The Process of Direct Application

When businesses choose to apply for funding directly, they take on the task of managing each application themselves. This typically involves completing online applications and submitting required documents to financiers. However, approaching each finance company requires repeating the process and necessitates diligent follow-up. Since direct channels lack personal contact, applicants often rely solely on contact centers and website contact forms for assistance.

Navigating the world of private funders, particularly beyond traditional banks, can be daunting for those without prior experience or knowledge. While search engines like Google can yield numerous options, discerning between legitimate opportunities and scams presents a significant challenge. Recently, we assisted a business owner who fell victim to a loan scam, losing thousands of rands in upfront fees for a loan that never materialized. Unfortunately, such incidents are increasingly common in today’s landscape.

The Role of a Business Finance Consultant

A finance consultant serves as an external agent representing multiple financiers. With a unique code and signed contracts for each finance house, consultants facilitate the application process and connect clients with analysts. By completing a single application with the finance hub, businesses enable consultants to initiate connections with suitable partners. Typically, consultants’ approach funders strategically, leveraging their network to secure funding. Should a business fail to meet eligibility criteria, consultants offer guidance, allowing for reapplication or exploration of alternative finance solutions.

The Benefits of Using a Finance Consultant

The primary benefit of engaging a finance consultant lies in leveraging their extensive network. Why spend valuable time searching for partners and submitting applications to multiple companies when professional assistance is available? Working with a finance consultant streamlines the funding process, ultimately saving businesses time and effort.

Finance consultants maintain direct contacts at each finance house they represent, ensuring prompt communication and efficient management of applications. These consultants enjoy dedicated support teams, facilitating improved customer service and application management. Additionally, financiers value their relationship with consultants, as they continuously supply qualified applications, fostering a mutually beneficial partnership.

Free Application Assistance with Premier Finance

One common reason businesses opt for direct dealings with financiers is to avoid fees associated with finance consultants. While some consultants charge upfront and success fees, Premier Finance takes a different approach. We facilitate capital raises of up to R10,000,000 at no cost to our clients, foregoing upfront and success fees entirely. Instead, we include our compensation in the finance charges paid to the finance house, ensuring that all capital directly benefits the business.

We work exclusively with applications meeting our minimum criteria and ethical standards:

The business must be registered or a VAT registered sole proprietorship.

Monthly turnover should exceed R85,000.

Directors must possess clear credit records, free of judgments, defaults, inquiries, or listings.

For secured loans, the business must possess assets double the value of the loan amount.

We do not support businesses involved in animal trading or products containing animal ingredients.

In December 2021, Premier Finance was honored with the prize for the most activations in 30 days, achieved through a select number of applications. Our success stems from understanding our finance partners’ processes and requirements, insights gained through experience. Each finance house employs distinct risk criteria and assessment methods, knowledge we leverage to match clients with the most suitable partners and secure funding efficiently.


Partnering with the right finance consultant can yield significant savings in both time and finance charges, allowing businesses to focus on their core priorities. Premier Finance offers fee-free capital raising services for businesses meeting our application criteria. Contact us today to explore opportunities for your business’s growth and success.

Complete our application form here: Premier Finance Application Form

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