How much does it cost to draft a Will?

How much does it cost to draft a Will?

Many people think that drafting a will is an expensive exercize.

And they end up putting off getting it done because of their perceived costs.

The costs can often vary vastly and depends on the complexity of your will and which service provider you choose.

Anywhere from a few hundred rand to a several thousand rand.

Some people try free online wills or the self solutions to try save money.

But we recommend using a professional for such an important task.

Our partners draft our clients wills at no cost. Plus the expert consultants meet with you at your convenience to make sure you don’t put off this important task. During lock down level 4 you will have access to online or telephone meetings with an additional will signing benefit.

It’s important for us to reduce the statistic that 75% of South African’s pass away without a valid will.

Life can be unexpected. Is Your Will Up to date?

Click on the button to learn more about what you can expect in your will drafting appointment.

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