Passing away without a will or valid will

Passing away without a will or valid will

Your will is probably the most important document that you will ever sign.

Too many put off this important task until it is too late, which can have devastating consequences for loved ones.

Here are five top consequences of not having a valid will:

1. You won’t be able to decide who inherits what and your estate will be distributed in accordance with the South African law.

2. Your partner may be left with nothing if you are not married or your will is not updated after your previous marriage.

3. Your children’s inheritance could pass to the Government’s guardian fund or the appointed guardian who may squander their inheritance.

4. Family feuds often occur when family members argue over your assets and when your final wishes are not clearly documented.

5. Winding up your estate could take years, as without a will appointing a professional executor, the government is essentially in control of the process.

Drafting your will is free

We offer you the opportunity to get a complementary will drafting consultation with a will specialist.
You will also receive unlimited amendments and the safe custody of your will at no cost.

During your consultation your will specialist will provide you with a detailed breakdown of the cost to wind up your estate in the future as well as a solution to cater for these estate legal fees through a unique plan.

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