The real cost of dying

Cost of dying

Along with the heartache of death, the cost of dying brings additional burdens in the form of legal fees and expenses. These financial responsibilities must be managed by your loved ones, adding to their stress during an already difficult time. Understanding these costs can help you plan better and ease the burden on your family.

By understanding these legal fees and expenses, you can prepare for them to ensure the costs are covered and the burden on your loved ones are alleviated.

Executor fees 

This is the industry standard fee charged by the executor or assisting professional to wind up your estate. A maximum of 3.5% plus vat is usually charged.

Testamentary trust fees

This is the fee charged by the trustees to administer the trust created in terms of your will. It’s usually set up to manage the money left to minor children.

Conveyancing attorney fees

This is the fee charged by the conveyancing attorney when property needs to be transferred.

Planning for the future not only helps ease the heartache of death but also addresses the cost of dying, ensuring your loved ones are not overwhelmed by unexpected financial burdens. By understanding and preparing for these legal fees and expenses—such as executor fees, testamentary trust fees, and conveyancing attorney fees—you can ensure that these costs are covered. Taking these steps alleviates the stress on your family during a difficult time, allowing them to focus on what truly matters: honoring your memory and finding peace. Proper planning today can make all the difference tomorrow.

Watch the video

This short video gives an easy to understand example of how estate costs are worked out and just how quickly they add up.

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